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Spot the "Verified" banner on ads to ensure they have passed picture/video verification.
(Below the verified ad images, you'll see a date showing when the validation took place. If it says "Version 3", it means the ad has gone through the latest validation process.)

What does picture/video validation mean?
This is a process where RealEscort administrators and support staff receive a photo ID, two actual pictures, and a video of the advertiser. Whenever an advertiser uploads images to their ad, we compare them to the validation pictures and video to confirm they are the same person. This way, users/customers on the site can be almost certain that if they book this person, they will meet the person in the picture, not someone else.

Version 3! This update significantly reduces the chances of fake validations. With this new system, RealEscort can more precisely compare ad images to validation images and videos, and will only approve when they match. Factors such as age, height, weight, hair color, tattoos, body size, overall appearance, and hygiene will be key in deciding whether the validation is approved or rejected. Our Picture/video validation Version 3 is RealEscort's most stringent measure to ensure that you meet the exact person featured on validated ads!

We require ads to validate the following:
- Ensure the age on the ad is your actual age!
- Confirm the weight on the ad is your actual weight!
- Verify the height on your ad is your actual height!
(The above three items become locked and cannot be edited as long as the ad remains validated.)

Ensure your ad pictures resemble your real-life appearance!:
- Not older or heavier than you actually are.
- Your hair color and hairstyle.
- Don’t photoshop your body or face on your ad pictures (a small amount of touch-up is acceptable)

Does picture verification guarantee a 100% chance of meeting the person in the ad upon booking?
No, it doesn't guarantee 100%. Our assurance is only that the pictures in the ad are authentic and accurately represent the current appearance of the advertiser who underwent the verification.

However, we can be 99% sure that the images aren't stolen from a known model or from a random online profile, social media website, or stock images.
If you visit a picture-validated advertiser and it's not the person on the ad, please Contact Us and leave a review on the ad, sharing your experience. If we receive information and proof that it's a fake ad or not the same person, we will remove the ad!

What's the best way to ensure a great experience? What should you look for?:
Look for picture-validated ads! Plus, ads that have reviews activated on their ad, and have positive reviews from other users.


Here's what advertisers need to do to achieve picture/video validation!:

Age verification:
- You need to provide a "Photo ID" like a Passport, Driver's License, or National ID card that clearly shows your birth date or age.
- You can cover the Passport number, Driver's License number, National ID card number, and your name on the ID if you prefer.
(Your picture should resemble the example below!)

Create a Sign/Note
The note must be handwritten and should contain the following information:
I Love RealEscort
Date: xx-xx-xxxx
Ad Name: Your Ad Name

Picture 1: Upper body...
- Take one actual picture of yourself, taken today
- In your underwear (Panties and TOP Only!) or nude if you prefer!
- Picture 1 must include your entire face and at least half of your body.
- Hold the sign/note in front of your hips.
(Your picture should resemble the example below!)

Picture 2: Full body...
- Take one actual picture of yourself, taken today
- In your underwear (Panties and TOP Only!) or nude if you prefer!
- Picture 2 must include your entire body.
- Hold the sign/note to the right or left side of your body.
(Your picture should resemble the example below!)

- Your face must be visible in the video.
- You should wear underwear (Panties and TOP Only!) or nude if you prefer!
- You should hold the sign/note in front of you.
- The video must show your full body from the front and back. You should walk and turn around to capture both sides.
- You must say: "Hello, I am 'Say your AD name', 'I love RealEscort'" in the video.
(Your video should resemble the example below!)
Example pictures-video-validation-v3-new

Facts about picture validation:
Picture validation is valid for 180 days, after which the advertiser must revalidate.
Only RealEscort admins/support will see the validation pictures/video!
The validation pictures/video will not be visible on the ad on the website to the public.

If the advertiser attempts to cheat in this process by altering the picture/video in editing programs (in any way!) or by uploading fake pictures to their ad after validation, WE WILL DELETE THE AD!

Look for the icon on the ads to know they are picture validated.
(You can revisit this page by clicking on the icon)

If a massage or escort ad's images aren't verified, it doesn't necessarily mean they're fake.
It simply means the advertiser has not opted to have their photos/video validated.

One last piece of advice...