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Bienvenido a RealEscort en Suecia es un sitio web con chicas escort y masaje de Suecia

Payment: VAT Information - Billing information

A billing name and address is required to make payments on RealEscort.
This is New EU rules regarding digital services per 2017, we provide Advertising, that’s a Digital service.

No matter if you are a PRIVATE PERSON or a COMPANY

Your billing address/country will determine which VAT rate you will have to pay for your order.

Why these changes?
We have to follow EU rules and they require we pay vat from what you buy on our website in your country. YES we have to and we will send the VAT to your country every month!

You can see the country list under Billing information and select where you live and see the VAT rate in Your country.

Private Persons:
Example, if you Live in Norway the VAT rate is 25% (in 2017)
Example, if you Live in RUSSIA the VAT rate is 0% (in 2017)

If you are a registered EU VIES company (VIES - EU VAT Information Exchange System), please enter your Company name and VAT number and await validation of your details.

Companies can also get VAT back from your government VAT office, use the invoice we send you on email for your bookkeeper.

You can also see all your invoices in your control panel, click "My account", Click Orders.

Billing Information